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Don and George EI know so many seniors from church, work, neighbors, etc. that rely on SS. Several of them have fallen on hard times because of their kids, and two couples are now raising their grandkids. I have said before that sometimes during a lifetime people have hard knocks through no fault of their own and were unable to save like they should have. It is the way the ball bounces sometimes. Some are fortunate while others are not.When SS started, it was a good program. And I believe it was started with good intentions. However, like I said before the dang administrations could not keep their hands out of it. It was like a cookie jar to them. They never put back the money they took from SS. They were thieves. I dont know if there were IOUs or not. Seniors should raise heck and demand that they put back all the money they took. The only problem is, the government has no money. And like it was mentioned, you cant keep printing money with nothing to back it up. What a sorry state of affairs.

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